:: Types of Internal Audit Services

Audit Images Program Audits determine (1) the extent to which City Council-established desired results or benefits are being achieved; (2) the effectiveness of organizations, programs, activities, or functions; and (3) whether the audited department/division has complied with laws and regulations applicable to the program.

Audits that focus on efficiency issues typically evaluate the reasonableness of program costs relative to the results of services produced. Auditors may assess the relationship between staffing and other costs and measurable program benefits. Auditors may also (1) determine if a program has established appropriate goals and objectives; (2) review the adequacy of management's system for measuring success; (3) assess the extent to which desired levels of results are achieved; and (4) identify factors that inhibit satisfactory performance.

Audit reports make recommendations to management to correct inefficient practices and/or improve procedures to maximize resource utilization and productivity. The reports may also make recommendations to change management systems, City policies, and ordinances.

Internal Audit Services
Internal Audit Hours
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday
3900 Main Street - 4th Floor
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Our mission is to provide the City Manager and Department Directors independent, objective and useful information regarding the services and functions of the City government.
Goals & Objectives
The goals of Internal Audit are to promote accountability to the public and to improve the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of City government. Our objective is to conduct audits that enable the City to reduce, avoid or recover costs; and to alert City Management to potential problems that could undermine the public’s trust in City government.
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