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The following table lists completed and proposed training for CPRC Members.  Dates will be posted as training sessions are scheduled; they are tentative and subject to change unless shown as agendized.  If a training session has been agendized, click on the date to access the agenda.  Once the session has been held, it will be shown as completed and audio, along with any slides or video from the session, will also be available.

Session Topic
Presented by...
Scheduled for...
Use of COBAN video
recording equipment and
digital audio recorders
Lt. Bruce Loftus, RPD Completed
April 6, 2011
4th Amendment
Laws of Search & Seizure
Audio / Slides

Stop & Frisk (Terry v Ohio - 1968)

Matt Reilly, Dep. DA,
Writs & Appeals Unit,
Riverside County
District Attorney's Office
May 11, 2011
Excited Delirium
Arrest-Related Deaths
Audio / Slides
Jefferson Street Video
Ventura Co. Jail Video
John G. Peters, Jr., Ph.D., CLS,
President & Chief Learning Officer,
Institute for the Prevention of
In-Custody Deaths, Inc.
June 15, 2011
Defensive Tactics;
Arrest & Control Techniques
used by RPD - Use of Force
RPD Personnel Completed
July 27, 2011
Public Safety Officers
Procedural Bill of Rights
Presented by
Laura Kalty, Esq. of
Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
September 7, 2011
Internal Affairs Process
Audio / Slides
Lt. Mike Cook,
RPD Office of Internal Affairs
December 14, 2011
"Hollywood vs. Reality:
Officer Involved Shootings"
Video obtained via
Force Science Institute's
News Transmission #194
December 27, 2011
January 11, 2012
RPD's Early Warning System
Audio /
Lt. Bruce Loftus, RPD Completed
8, 2012
Unsolved History:
Shoot-Out at the OK Corral
Video from
Discovery Channel's
"Unsolved History" Series
March 14, 2012
Range Training:
Use of Firearms, Baton,
Taser, Hobble Restraint
RPD Personnel  

Physical & Psychological factors
affecting police officers in high risk
and traumatic events.

Police Psychologist  

SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics: Training, Protocols and Operational Response

RPD Personnel:
SWAT Commander
Police K-9: Training and Use RPD K-9 Manager and K-9 Officer  

RPD Response to an OID:
Protocols, Investigation Process,
and Procedure

RPD Personnel:
Investigations Manager

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